Read the TOS!!! *grrrr*

by D4rkDr4g00n11
by D4rkDr4g00n11


  • I have the right to deny your commission if I am not comfortable with it.
  • Requested changes can only be done when I show you the sketch for approval.
  • ​I own the rights to the artwork and you may not sell the artwork or have others alter it without my permission.
Prior to commissioning any work, you as a client are expected to overview these terms as the moment you file for any work to be produced by me, you automatically agree to these terms.
Breaking any terms within this agreement will result in a permanent blacklisting and will explicitly exclude any potential future artwork from me. This will also remove you from any of my ARPG services, and should my work be used commercially without a discussed agreement beforehand, I will take legal action against you.
Please respect not only these terms, but myself as an artist.
You must have a clear referensheet of your character
  • ​No WIPs, sketches, partials or descriptions.
  • I prefer flat coloured reference as shaded references make it difficult to decipher markings. If your ref is shaded, I would like a set of flat colours to pick from so I can get your character as close to correct as I can. I do not do well with realistic characters, however.
  • If you cannot supply an up to date/correct reference, I won't be to blame if I get the markings/ colours incorrect. I am relying on you to help me get them correct as possible. If I miss a marking though, you are welcome to tell me and I will correct it.
  • Please, no super bright/neon designs.
Payment must be made before I start sketching and will only be done via Paypal
  • After you have paid, I will start with the sketch, which of course you can see and suggest changes.
  • Payment is expected within 48 hours. If payment is not received, I may give your commission slot to someone else. Unless otherwise discussed!
  • Please DO NOT purchase if you cannot afford right away or aren't sure if you will be in the near future.
Please do not ask continuously how much your commission will be complete. Very often I need time to think about how to make the design better
  • Please, think carefully about whether or not to commission me because I do not make refunds.​
You may ask for Work in Progress shots at any time
  • I'm sorry if I can't provide!
  • I will send you only the sketch or, in cases, clarifications. You're the one to ask for more WIPs.
  • Sometimes it happens that I can put the WIP on my Facebook account.
Commercial usage of my pieces in any way shape or form is prohibited by default
  • As stated, I am an artist that works exclusively for clients looking for noncommercial pieces for their own personal use.
  • Selling prints, posters, shirts-- anything done with monetary gain as the core purpose for my work provided will absolutely NOT be tolerated.
  • Rude comments towards me or other users. I will keep in mind how I've seen you treat other artists, not just me. So if I noticed you've been a dillweed to someone, it may make me not want do business with you to keep it from happening to me.
  • Complaining about the price. Immediate blacklisting.
  • Backing out last minute or bidding falsely for "shits and giggles."
  • If you think to tell your friends I was "unfair" to you if you decide to do any of these and sick them on me, I will block them and you will be blacklisted and blocked as well. Don't test me.
  • Failure to comply with my TOS will lead to blacklisting.